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Protection Of Your Home & Belongings

ProTechâ„¢ Moving Protection system for Your Home and Contents
When you're moving, what you care about most is your belongings, and that's what South Hills Movers care about the most as well. In addition to the extra special care we take to protect your belongings, we also take care of your home.  That includes both the home you're moving out of and the home you're moving into. We have developed special protection methods to prevent stains, scratches, dented walls, and dirty carpets. With ProTech Moving Protection you can relax.

  • Stretch wrapping furniture protects against soiling and keeps upholstered  
    furniture safe.

  • Dry-cleaned moving blankets - South Hills Movers has it's own dry-cleaning machine on-site to make sure our moving pads are clean before we move you, eliminating dust, dirt, even grease or anything that could damage the finish of your furniture and appliances.

  • Flooring and Carpeting protection - We protect carpet, ceramic tile, stone, marble, even linoleum for the moving process. Heavy-duty floor covering virtually eliminates unwanted damage to any floor or floor covering.

  • Padded doorways, walls, banisters, etc - The extra just in case. By protecting your home with specially designed padding for everything from the doorways to the banisters, even the walls, South Hills Movers leaves every home just as they found it. 
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